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Conservation Lower Zambezi is a Zambian non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi for the present and future generations of Zambia. CLZ intend to achieve this through:

  • wildlife protection – assisting Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) anti-poaching patrol deployments and training as well as supporting a local Community Resource Board Village Scout unit;
  • environmental education through outreach in schools and visits to our CLZ environmental education centre; and
  • supporting local community development projects, especially human wildlife conflict mitigation.

The Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding game management areas are home to a wide range of biodiversity including at least four threatened species according to the IUCN red list (African elephant, hippo, lion and African wild dog). Illegal poaching of three kinds: commercial ivory; commercial bushmeat; and subsistence poaching remains a constant threat in this area due to proximity to the capital of Zambia, Lusaka and one of the main transport links, the Great East Road.

Communities inhabiting the areas surrounding the Lower Zambezi National Park are often faced with many hardships and challenges in their every day lives. With education attainment levels low and livelihood opportunities few, many people rely heavily on natural resources for income, health and nutrition. Deforestation, overfishing and poaching are environmental issues threatening the vital local eco-system and the CLZ environmental education program helps schools and communities understand the importance of natural resources to every day life.

We rely entirely on donations from individuals and institutions, 100% of which are used directly for conservation activities. We are grateful to our partner Zambia Wildlife Authority for their collaboration and support.

CLZ is not responsible for the content of external websites featured on this page.

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We are so thrilled to announce that Glenn Goodall of Rentworks SA has extended his generous lease of ’9J CLZ’, the Cessna 172 which allows us to do aerial monitoring of the park and its wildlife, an essential tool in the fight against poaching. In 2014 the aeroplane was responsible for detecting 43% of all the elephants poached in the park. Thank you Rentworks for your incredible generosity!

Fotor collageThis years Nzou Environmental Education Program has taken off to a great start! We started off with 24 pax from Luangwa Project Area plus 4 teachers. The students had a great time engaging with the lessons and learning about Sustainable Fishing, The Food Web, Animal Behaviour, Wildlife Trafficking and HIV/AIDS. All the students participated and demonstrated keen enthusiasm when in the class and onboard the game drives. The game drives where courtesy of Chongwe Safaris, who kindly donated us the use of their vehicles and driver, Bob Kamambo. Additionally, we would like to thank Royal Zambezi Lodge who sent two of their exceptional safari guides (Victor and Lawrence) to give a careers talk to the children. This talk was received with great attention and interest.

These students travelled 500km from their homes to CLZ Base Camp on the CLZ truck. On their return they were super-sonically excited to discover that their was a surprise in store for them….courtesy of Proflight Zambia they all got to fly home from Royal Airstrip Lower Zambezi to Feira, Luangwa. Nearly all the children and teachers had never been on a plane before and they had the flight of their life! The Proflight pilots gave of their time to the children, talking to them and answering their immense amount of questions. There is some budding aviators within the group and we hope to see them soar to new heights in the future.

Thank you very much all at Proflight Zambia for making this possible.

The CLZ Team, Luangwa School Children and Luangwa Teachers

CLZ hosted training for Zambia Wildlife Authority rangers, ecologists and technicians from Lower Zambezi and Head Office, CLZ operations staff and Gorongoza National Park staff in SMART (Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Technology), which will revolutionise our wildlife protection programme in allowing for better information from the scouts in the field, greater monitoring of illegal activities and more detailed yet easy to produce reporting. This new technology gathers more data which wildlife scouts encounter (and exact location), log all signs of illegal activity and create a comprehensive picture of what the scouts see in the field without having to write cumbersome reports. Panthera trainers Michelle Moeller and Peter Lindsey came to CLZ Base Camp to introduce the software and introduce the new system, which is being rolled out across the continent. This month the first scout teams have been trained and the ‘Trimbles’, SMART GPS computers are being rolled out in the field. A huge thanks to Panthera their support and for carrying out the training and for providing us with our first Trimble!