CLZ Red Hot Chilli Planting!

On 1 February, CLZ spent a long hot day in the local village of Mugurameno. Sarah, Brad, Besa, Bren and Joseph helped local farmers to plant chilli seedlings that have been very kindly produced by Zambeef at Chiawa (with the seed being kindly donated by South Luangwa Conservation Society This project is being funded by CSEF as part of CLZ’s Environmental Education Program.

The two local farmers Joseph Liempe and Patrick Shawa were chosen from a community survey because they have both suffered heavily from human elephant conflict (“HEC” = crop-raiding elephants) in the past. CLZ will assist in crop growing (e.g. planting and sustainable irrigation using the treadle pump provided by CLZ in the pics) as well as providing mitigation methods training in due course. Next year these farmers intend to use a combination of methods to protect crops from crop-raiding eles e.g. chilli fences and chilli burning blocks.

Initially this is a small-scale project, but we hope to increase our HEC activities, if we can secure future funds and once we have more practical knowledge of the risks and possible solutions.

HEC has been recognised as a major threat to the elephants and people of Southern Africa and must be addressed in the context of elephant conservation. Simple, low-cost and locally adapted methods have been shown to reduce site-specific conflict so that people and elephants can live together without danger and destruction.

Thanks very much to Ant Wells and Bren Graham at Zambeef Chiawa, SLCS and CSEF!

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