Valentine’s Darting Date for CLZ

A different kind of cupid’s arrow was received by a Lower Zambezi elephant this Valentine’s Day. After a bull, approximately 20 years old, was reported to have been seen severely injured in the Nkalange area of the Lower Zambezi National Park, CLZ organised for Zambia Wildlife Authority Vet, Dr. Harvey Kasmboyi to be flown in on 14 February to dart and treat the elephant.

The bull was located quickly and although still in quite good condition he was suffering significantly from the wire snare embedded in its front right leg and was unable to move easily. After a very efficient darting from Dr. Kasmboyi the wire was removed from the leg and the wound cleaned. The bull was administered with long-acting antibiotics to help him recover from the otherwise fatal injury. Within forty minutes of being sedated the elephant was back on his feet and recovery prospects are hoped to be high.

CLZ will continue to monitor the bull’s progress. Thank you very much to Dr. Kasmboyi as ever for his assistance as well as his research assistants Mr. Daniel Mwizabi. Thank you too to pilot Brad Reid for flying in Dr. Kasmboyi.

We also had reports of a much younger snared calf and spent the afternoon trying to relocate the calf. However due to thick bush at this time of year aerial and road tracking was not successful but we will continue the search.

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