So far in 2012 we have found four elephant carcasses in the Chiawa Game Management Area, of these one, found north of Royal Airstrip, has been confirmed as poached. Although Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) patrol teams were close on the heels of the poachers as soon as gun shots were heard unfortunately there were no recoveries. The three other carcasses died of currently unknown causes but one is suspected to have been a fighting related death and the other two are suspected poisoning. In the Lower Zambezi National Park one carcass has been found. The cause of death is as yet unknown but ZAWA vets have responded quickly to take samples and ascertain cause of death. This month we have also lost a hippo to poaching in the Park and ZAWA vets visited the area to take sample of another hippo carcass and buffalo carcass. Thank you to all those who have reported and assisted in these operations, especially well done to Rabson Tembo, CLZ Communications Officer who coordinated the response.


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