CLZ brought eight schools together from the Chiawa GMA and 64 pupils for a quiz at Kabwadu school to compete for the title of Conservation Champions of Chiawa! The annual event seeks to educate children on wildlife, environment and health, cultivating a more aware and environmentally responsible future generation in the areas surrounding the Lower Zambezi NP. Thanks to Zambeef Chiawa Farm, we were able to bring all the pupils to Kabwadu School from all over the area to compete. Chakanaka Farm’s fruit and veg also kept the participants well fed and their brains sharp  - thank you to Gerry Carbin for his generosity. There were some impressive performances on the day, including Mafungautsi School, whose young participants showed the older pupils that wisdom doesn’t always come with age! The final was a tense head to head between Chitende and Kabwadu  schools, with Chitende taking first place. All the Chiawa schools participated in the quiz were awarded certificates of attendance and prizes donated through Pack for a Purpose.  Thank you to all the participants and teachers!


LZ Area Warden Solomon Chidunuka receives his award for Dedication and Service to Wildlife Protection

ZAWA and CLZ held the Annual May Day Scout awards on May 1st 2014 to honour the ZAWA Wildlife Police Offices of the Lower Zambezi who work 365 days a year, in all weather and in challenging and often dangerous conditions. The awards are held to show the appreciation of CLZ and the tourist operators of the Lower Zambezi for the hard work that ZAWA does to protect the wildlife and resources Zambezi and to support tourism in the area.

Congratulations to all winners:

For Dedication and Service to Wildlife Protection: Solomon Chidunuka

Best Team Leader:  Kebby Mundeya

Best WPO of the Year: Mooga Mulauka

Most Helpful Revenue Officer: Hilton Shadunka

Best Escort Officer: Gift Mate Mukelabai

Best Village Scout:  William Chenda

A huge thank you to Baines River Camp, Sausage Tree and Potato Bush Camp, Gerry Carbin of Chakanaka Farm, Kanyemba Lodge, Mwambashi River Lodge and Brendan Raisbeck for their incredible generosity in prize donations for the award winners.



In 2013 the first CLZ “Muneneli” (Guardian in the local language of Nyanja) Award has been presented to Glenn Goodall. Father of one of our previous volunteer pilots Matthew Goodall, Glenn has for several years leased to CLZ (for a nominal amount) our Cessna 172 plane “9J-CLZ”.

The Cessna C172 is an invaluable tool used by CLZ and ZAWA to protect the Lower Zambezi’s wildlife from poachers. Proving rapid aerial response and vital support to field patrols on the ground, the plane enables CLZ to better prevent harm to elephants and other wildlife.

This year the plane has also assisted in an aerial survey of elephants and large mammals in the Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding areas which will provide much needed baseline data for Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and CLZ conservation activities.

Thank you Glenn from all at Conservation Lower Zambezi!

Refresh your safari guiding skills with Rory McDougall at the Conservation Lower Zambezi Environmental Education Centre in March 2014:


1.             Refresher General/Game Drive Course: 3-7 March 2014 (5 days)

ZMW 1,300 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 1,600 per person (non-CLZ members)

  • general safari guide knowledge, aimed at general paper candidates;
  • morning lectures and afternoons spent on practical drives

This rate is based on a minimum of 10 pupils attending the general course. If we do not have ten pupils registered by 4th February 2014 the course will be cancelled.

2.             Refresher Walking Safari Course: 10-15 March 2014 (6 days)

ZMW 1,700 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 2,100 per person (non-CLZ members)

  • advanced safari guide knowledge, aimed at walking paper candidates ;
  • morning practical walking safaris and afternoon lectures.

This rate is based on a minimum for 6 and maximum of 8 pupils attending the walking course. If we do not have 6 pupils registered by 11th February 2014 the course will be cancelled.

The above rates include a Safari Guide Training Manual, morning, afternoon tea and lunch every day. Breakfast, dinner and accommodation are excluded but can be provided at extra cost if necessary at the CLZ LZSG Accommodation Rates .

3.              Advanced First Aid Course: 16 -19 March 2014

The cost and course provider will be advised and will depend on number of participants. Please email if you are interested.

4.              Refresher Canoeing Training Course: 16 March 2014

K250 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

K300 per person (non-CLZ members)

Lecture and practical experience covering all canoe guiding skills in the Lower Zambezi. Includes lunch only.

5.              Boating and Fishing Training Course: 16 March 2014

K250 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

K300 per person (non-CLZ members)

Lectures covering basic boat driving and mechanics as well as fishing equipment, techniques, etiquette and guest interaction for potential coxswains on the Lower Zambezi. Includes lunch only.

Lower Zambezi Safari Guide Exams at CLZ Base Camp

Written Theory exams:

ZMW 110 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 135 per person (non CLZ members)

  • 20 March, 0800: General Theory Exam
  • 21 March, 0800: Walking Theory Exam
  • 21 March, 1400: Canoeing Theory Exam
  • 22 March, 0800: Boating & Fishing Theory and Practical Exam

Practical Exams:

ZMW 400 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 500 per person (non CLZ members)

Cost includes 1 night food & accommodation at CLZ for hosting assessment.

  • 23 March: Canoeing Practical Exam
  • 24-25 March: Game Drive Practical Exam (1 night at CLZ)
  • 26-28 March: Walking Practical Exam (1 night at CLZ)

N.B. For any candidates taking both game drive & walking practicals only 1 night need be spent at CLZ during the game drive practical exam. Further practical assessment of walking skills, will take place during the day at CLZ.

Joint game drive and walking practical fee:

ZMW 500 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 625 per person (non CLZ members)

The three most successful independent theory exam candidates from the Lower Zambezi will be sponsored by CLZ through practical exams (exc. accommodation).

Except for practical exams, food and accommodation is not included in exam fees and the CLZ LZSG Accommodation Rates apply for anyone wishing to stay at CLZ over this period.

Accommodation must be booked at the same time as exams.

Entrance deadline FOR ALL EXAMS: 1 March 2014


Lower Zambezi Safari Guide Training Manuals on sale at CLZ ZMW 200

Lower Zambezi Safari Guide Exam Past Papers on sale at CLZ ZMW 50

Please see here for information on practical exam experience requirements and how LZSG licensing works. Please also note that if you wish to qualify for a LZSG license Zambia Wildlife Authorities will require proof of your Zambian residency and applicable First Aid qualifications (advanced for walking and canoeing, basic for boating & fishing and driving).

Please e-mail here to reserve training or examination places.

Read here for an update on our conservation activities in the Lower Zambezi.

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