Carnivore January

January has been a fantastic month for carnivore sightings. This month saw three wild dog sightings in the Chiawa GMA including pups, and a pack in the East of the park, but sadly no photos yet  - if anyone sees them please try and send CLZ photos! A clan of hyena has been regularly spotted behind CLZ Base Camp this month. It is optimistic to see increased numbers of these carnivores, whose numbers have declined heavily from levels ten years ago. The wild dogs continue to be monitored and we hope to see their population growing!


Happy New Year from CLZ! The rains started on 11th December and CLZ Base Camp has seen 318 mm of rain since. The park has erupted in a sea of green, and the female impala have most certainly dropped their calves. The park may be quiet of visitors, but we’re as busy as ever! Poaching pressure continues and CLZ continue to work with Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA every day to deploy scout teams, Village Scouts are heading to the villages of the Chiawa GMA for support during peak Human-Wildlife Conflict season, information on Human-Wildlife Conflict is being collected, our new Environmental Education Curriculum is being developed and Base Camp is having a well-needed spruce up! Operations Manager Rabson Tembo is off to South Africa next week to begin his training as a pilot to carry out aerial patrols under the guidance of our CEO, and we are looking forward to two more members of staff joining the team next week. Thank you to all our donors and members who enable us to work all year round, through impassable roads, heavy rains, stormy skies and troublesome elephants! These include African Wildlife FoundationAwely – Wildlife and People, Beit Trust, International Elephant FoundationTusk TrustU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as well as all our Platinum, Gold, Silver, corporate, family and individual members. Thank you!


Lower Zambezi Safari Guide Training and Exams 2015
 Training Courses:


1. Refresher General/Game Drive Course with Rory McDougall: 1-5th March 2015 (5 days)
ZMW 1,600 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)
ZMW 1,900 per person (non-CLZ members)
·       general safari guide knowledge, aimed at general paper candidates;
·       morning lectures and afternoons spent on practical drives

               This rate is based on a minimum of 10 pupils attending the general course. If  we do not have ten pupils registered by 2nd February 2015 the course will be cancelled. Payments must be made beforehand.

2. Refresher Walking Safari Course with Rory McDougall: 7-12th March 2015 (6 days)
ZMW 2,000 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)
ZMW 2,500 per person (non-CLZ members)
·       advanced safari guide knowledge, aimed at walking paper candidates ;
·       morning practical walking safaris and afternoon lectures

            This rate is based on a minimum for 6 and maximum of 8 pupils attending the walking course. If we do not have 6 pupils registered by 9th February 2015 the course will be cancelled.

The above rates include a Safari Guide Training Manual, morning, afternoon tea and lunch every day. Breakfast, dinner and accommodation are excluded but can be provided at extra cost if necessary at the CLZ LZSG Accommodation rates (please see below under *extra information). 

3.  Advanced First Aid Course: 14 -17th March 2015

The cost and course provider will be advised and will depend on number of                      participants. Please email if you are interested.

4. Refresher Canoeing Training Course with Roddy Smith: 13th March 2014

K300 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

K400 per person (non-CLZ members)

                 Lecture and practical experience covering all canoe guiding skills in the                            Lower Zambezi. Includes lunch only.

 5. Boating and Fishing Training Course: 13th March 2015

K300 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

K400 per person (non-CLZ members)

                 Lectures covering basic boat driving and mechanics as well as fishing                                equipment, techniques, etiquette and guest interaction for potential                                    coxswains on the Lower Zambezi. Includes lunch only.



Written Theory exams:

ZMW 100 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 200 per person (non CLZ members)

·       18th March, 0800:        General Theory Exam

·       19th March, 0800:        Walking Theory Exam

·       19th March, 1400:        Canoeing Theory Exam

·       20th March, 0800:        Boating & Fishing Theory and Practical Exam

Practical Exams:

ZMW 500 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 600 per person (non CLZ members)

Cost includes 1 night food & accommodation at CLZ for hosting assessment.

·       21st March:                   Canoeing Practical Exam

·       22-23rd March:             Game Drive Practical Exam (1 night at CLZ)

·       24-26th March:             Walking Practical Exam (1 night at CLZ)

N.B. For any candidates taking both game drive & walking practicals only one night need be spent at CLZ during the game drive practical exam. Further practical assessment of walking skills, will take place during the day at CLZ.

 Joint game drive and walking practical fee:

ZMW 600 per person (CLZ members and LZ independents)

ZMW 800 per person (non CLZ members)

The three most successful independent theory exam candidates from the Lower Zambezi will be sponsored by CLZ through practical exams (exc. accommodation).

Except for practical exams, food and accommodation is not included in exam fees and Continue reading »


The CLZ Mudhogs came a close second at this year’s very special Zambian Independence Golden Jubilee Elephant Charge, chasing the heels of the victorious Autoworld team. Thank you to ARC Aviation and Celtic , main sponsors  of the Mudhogs and to all the sponsors of the Elephant Charge!

The Elephant Charge challenges teams of cars and motorbikes to complete a grueling course through the Zambian bush. The event is held at a different location each year over Zambia’s Independence weekend in late October.

The Elephant Charge is an major supporter of CLZ – the funds raised are essential for the running of CLZ’s Environmental Education Programme.  Click here to see the other organisations benefitting from the Elephant Charge.

His Future My Future

Working today, to protect tomorrow

Conservation Lower Zambezi is a Zambian non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi for the present and future generations of Zambia. CLZ intend to achieve this through:

  • wildlife protection – assisting Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) anti-poaching patrol deployments and training as well as supporting a local Community Resource Board Village Scout unit;
  • environmental education through outreach in schools and visits to our CLZ environmental education centre; and
  • supporting local community development projects, especially human wildlife conflict mitigation.

The Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding game management areas are home to a wide range of biodiversity including at least four threatened species according to the IUCN red list (African elephant, hippo, lion and African wild dog). Illegal poaching of three kinds: commercial ivory; commercial bushmeat; and subsistence poaching remains a constant threat in this area due to proximity to the capital of Zambia, Lusaka and one of the main transport links, the Great East Road.

Communities inhabiting the areas surrounding the Lower Zambezi National Park are often faced with many hardships and challenges in their every day lives. With education attainment levels low and livelihood opportunities few, many people rely heavily on natural resources for income, health and nutrition. Deforestation, overfishing and poaching are environmental issues threatening the vital local eco-system and the CLZ environmental education program helps schools and communities understand the importance of natural resources to every day life.

We rely entirely on donations from individuals and institutions, 100% of which are used directly for conservation activities. We are grateful to our partner Zambia Wildlife Authority for their collaboration and support.

CLZ is not responsible for the content of external websites featured on this page.