COVID-19 Fundraising

Jun , 2020

While COVID-19 has startled the globe and forced thoughts of systemic change within all sectors worldwide, Conservation Lower Zambezi has also had to implement a new norm and find a way to adapt and continue to operate during the ongoing pandemic.

At the CLZ Basecamp, we’ve implemented a number of protocols in order to keep our staff safe, through handwashing stations at all communal areas, enforcing social distancing, consistent use of disinfectants and antibacterials and face masks for all including face shields for those in high risk areas.

Through COVID-19 causing a significant reduction in membership fees from the tourism operators coupled with the inability to conduct income generating activities, CLZ is experiencing a significant financial shortfall on unrestricted funds which are critical to CLZ’s operations.

In an effort to help fill this financial gap and support the low-income communities, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign. With help from Africa Hope Fund, who have enabled us to channel the funds through PayPal, people around the world are able to donate safely and efficiently. At this stage we’ve raised over $25,000 allowing us to continue critical law enforcement operations to protect the wildlife as well as a number of our COVID-19 related community interventions. We’re continuing to push towards our goal of $50,000 in order to secure us for the remainder of 2020.

Please continue to donate and share our link:

In response to our call for support, the Lower Zambezi community, friends and families of CLZ from all around the world have come up with ingenious ideas and ways to continue to support us during this time. We’d like to highlight their efforts and extend a gracious thank you for their work so far:

Oak Foundation 

Through introductions from partner WCP, Oak Foundation has granted CLZ a much-needed unrestricted grant to cover any financial shortfalls over the coming year as a result of COVID-19. Through this, we are able to support DNPW and the community as well as CLZ administration costs.

BioCarbon Partners

BioCarbon Partners have supported CLZ through a grant to help fund efforts to combat COVID-19 within local communities. They’ve also continued to support our community scouts and their work out in the field.

Chiawa Camp 

Chiawa Camp is one of the longest running lodges in the Lower Zambezi valley with an extensive history of supporting CLZ in our conservation work. Through their efforts and outreach, they have secured an incredible amount of donations for CLZ as well as from the Swiss African Foundation who are supporting DNPW and Community Scout wildlife protection patrols.

Kanyemba Lodge 

Riccardo Garbaccio of Kanyemba Lodge, an ongoing and long-time supporter of CLZ has graciously donated a large batch of beautiful chitenge materials for face masks to be delivered to the communities. He has also done a significant amount of running around for CLZ to procure our contactless thermometers and other COVID-19 related items. In addition, he has also provided CLZ with footage and images for our crowdfunding video as well as our social media pages helping our message reach a larger audience and get more awareness and donations.

Alison Street

Alison Street, an extremely talented visual artist and long-time supporter of CLZ has brought the fun to fundraising! In May she launched a campaign: 110 paintings for 110 days. Every day a beautiful piece is posted on her Facebook page for $110 with all proceeds going towards CLZ. So far it is doing amazing and we look forward to the daily pictures!

Emily Lamb

Renowned artist Emily Lamb has launched a campaign wherein each week she auctions off one of her incredible pieces in order to raise money for a conservation charity. CLZ is one of the charities selected so keep an eye out for the auction in the coming weeks.

Tatenda – Wildlife Photobook

Matt Armstrong and Andrew White along with a number of other notable wildlife photographers have pieced together Tatenda, a beautiful photobook that highlights some of the most incredible creatures from all over the African continent. Selling for only $5, all funds raised will be donated to a number of conservation charities including CLZ.

Christie Lindsay

Christie Lindsay is a regular contributor to our annual art exhibit and this year she is using her creative skills to help raise money for CLZ through selling a number of her lovely pieces featuring local wildlife.

Lance Thomas

Lance Thomas, a former overland guide from Encounter Overland has gone above and beyond to help raise funds for CLZ. Through his strong network of guides and former clients in the overlanding industry he’s been able to raise a significant amount in donations for CLZ.

Matthew Lewin

Matty Lewin ran a half marathon earlier this month in order to raise money and awareness for CLZ. With over 21km covered with little training beforehand, this is an incredible feat and we’re thankful for Matty’s support.

Explorers Against Extinction

Explorers Against Extinction are running two competitions to raise funds for conservation organisations. Their art competition Sketch for Survival offers artists the chance to have their works shown in a London gallery. They have also launched Focus for Survival a photography competition showcasing some of the best wildlife photographers from around the globe.

Just Core-S Pilates

Shaina Irwin of Just Core-S Pilateshosted an online Pilates class to #StretchForConservation on the 21st of May. The class was held via Zoom with all proceeds donated to CLZ.

The Zambian Connection

Annually, The Zambian Connection Team have braved the Lower Zambezi River on canoes to raise funds for CLZ. This year, while the expedition may have been put on hold, their fundraising has continued, contributing a significant amount to support CLZ during this difficult time.


A very big thank you to the incredible artists, friends and family members that are raising funds for CLZ in the most creative ways. Your support cannot be emphasised enough and we are grateful to have you backing us. We’d also like to thank our members who have been able to continue supporting us despite the difficult time they are facing.

We would also like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all our current donors for being flexible with their ongoing grants and allowing us to be able to reallocate funds where possible to support current needs due to COVID-19. It is this compassion and understanding that has allowed us to continue our operations here in the Lower Zambezi and protect the incredible wildlife and its people.

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