Environmental Education in 2021

Pupils reached by CLZ's outreach programme

Schools surrounding the park supported by CLZ

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School Visits

School Visits

Students and teachers from the communities spend four nights and three days at CLZ’s Environmental Education Centre based just outside the National Park. During the visit children are engaged in various lessons and activities focused on several conservation topics. In addition, children and teachers were taken into the Lower Zambezi National Park on game drives and boat cruises to interact with and learn about wildlife on a more personal and positive level.

School Visits

Outreach Visits

CLZ’s environmental educator carries out five outreaches a year, one outreach per project area. He travels to each project area and visits each school that CLZ works with to distribute the Nzou Environmental Education Teachers Curriculum, Student Activity books and HIV/AIDS Health Curriculum to each Conservation Club. In addition, lessons with each Conservation Club include viewing a wildlife documentary to encourage and engage the clubs in conservation topics and discussions.

School Visits

Teacher Training

Each year, CLZ invites teachers from the Conservation Clubs to attend a teacher training workshop at CLZ’s Environmental Education Centre. This is a vital part of the environmental education program, as it ensures that teachers are trained to teach their clubs on conservation issues and that they too have a strong understanding of the topics. They engage in conservation lessons, discussions and debates as well as also going out into the park on game drives and boat cruises.

School Visits

Health and Wellness

CLZ’s Environmental Education Programme includes lessons on HIV/ AIDS and surveys from the School Visits have shown that a majority of students received most of the information they knew about HIV/ AIDS and how to protect themselves from CLZ lessons. Part of the School Visits is also focussed on health and wellness for female students, giving them the opportunity to share concerns and ask questions in a safe and open setting.

School Visits

ITC-based Learning

CLZ’s Environmental Education Programme implements exciting technological advances with the development and installation of CLZ’s curriculum onto tablets. In partnership with iSchool, CLZ developed five interactive modules–filled with colourful graphics and vital information on important conservation issues. The students enjoy using them to learn even more about the Lower Zambezi, its threats and sustainable solutions.


Student Scholarships and University Internships

CLZ provides scholarships to several students to pursue degrees in Environmental Education and Conservation at universities across Zambia. CLZ also annually brings in a recent graduate with a conservation or education related degree to assist with the School Visits and help with Monitoring and Evaluation by entering and analysing data for the Environmental Education Programme.